Joris de Man is a two time Ivor Novello winning and Bafta nominated composer with 25 years of experience scoring for video games, animation, film, tv and commercials.

With compositions crossing many styles, from glitchy electronica to orchestral sounds and hybrid acoustical minimalism, his focus has always been on strong, recognisable melodies and story-driven music that supports the emotional journey and personality of the characters it voices.

Known for the epic live orchestral scores to the first 3 titles in Guerrilla Games / Sony's Killzone franchise, other recent works include Guerrilla's recent Playstation 4 blockbuster 'Horizon Zero Dawn', its DLC 'HZD - The Frozen Wilds', MOBA hit 'Vainglory' used for Apple’s iPhone 6 launch, and live orchestral score for Bafta-winning director Mike Mort's animated feature 'Chuck Steel - Night of the Trampires' premiering at the 39th Annecy Animation Festival 2018.

Joris has recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, and with world-class London session players at Abbey Road and Air Studios, for the award winning scores to Killzone 2 and 3, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Getting Joris to write for your production is not just about music, his approach to composing takes in a complete sonic view. Sculpting a distinct palette, discerning sounds from tone, and finessing the mix, he creates a score that complements the visual experience, keeping audiences immersed.